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Man Receives Award For Rescuing 5,000 Women From ISIS

The Mother Teresa Memorial Award is presented yearly to organizations or individuals who, per Wikipedia, “promote peace, equality and social justice.” Previous recipients have included Priyanka Chopra and the Dalai Lama.

When it is awarded this year, on November 3rd in Mumbai, India, the award will go to Hussein Al Qaidi, a man credited with rescuing 5,000 Yazidi women from the clutches of the terror group ISIS.

Al Qaidi is the director of the Office for Yazidi Abductees’ Affairs which works to rescue Yazidi’s abducted or trafficked by ISIS.

According to the Times Of India, the Yazidi minority lived peacefully in Iraq until 2014 when ISIS invaded and brutally targeted them.

“What followed was unimaginable when men were marched and shot while women and girls were raped and then sold as sex slaves. Young boys were forced to become child terrorists of ISIS.”

According to the Times Of India, Iman Abdullah, a woman who was sold into slavery by ISIS and raped will testify about her experience in advance of the award.

The Times also notes that there is much left to be done since, according to Al Qaidi, there are “1,323 Yazidi women and 1,585 Yazidi boys still missing.”

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