Community Raises $16,000 To Provide 10-Year-Old Boy With Bionic Arm

aidan choquette bionic arm

A 10-year-old boy named Aidan Choquette began fundraising in June 2019 to raise money to get a bionic arm. Finally, thanks to over $16,000 worth of community donations, he’s been able to reach his goal and was fitted this week with the arm.

Aidan’s story was first broadcast on local Crawfordville, Florida news affiliate WCTV earlier this summer, and within a week, his GoFundMe had jumped more than $20,000, enabling to be the first person in Florida to receive the Hero Arm.

“It’s been worth the wait!” Aidan said in a video posted to Facebook which showed him being fitted with the arm. “Thank you for supporting my dream.”

Aidan has been without a left arm since birth and has always managed to come up with creative ways around the limitations that might placed on his life. For instance, he attached a wrench to the handlebars of his bike to help him balance.

However, he was excited to learn of the existence of the Hero Arm, a 3-D printed bionic arm that has a hand that is fully functional. When the family discovered that the arm cost over $20,000, they launched a GoFundMe page in hopes that generous members of the community might pitch in what they could afford, and that’s exactly what happened.

To date, Aidan Choquette’s fundraising campaign has pulled in $16,775, more than three-quarters of the cost of the bionic arm, finally making it affordable to the boy’s family.

“Aidan is so incredibly happy!! Loves his new arm,” read the caption of the Facebook post featuring photos of Aidan being fitted with his Hero Arm. The arm should allow him to live a relatively normal life without the limitations of missing a limb.

His mother said that she hoped the biggest effect would be on Aidan’s confidence, which she wanted to see improve. Hopefully, Aidan is well on the way to that being the case.


Written by Jennifer Still