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Florida Nurses Are Making Warm, Waterproof Sleeping Bags For The Homeless

nurses homeless sleeping bags

A group of nurses at Tampa General Hospital have come up with a creative solution to the waste created by sterile wrappers that protect surgical instruments, turning them into warm, waterproof sleeping bags for the homeless.

Nicole Hubbard, a Nurse Anesthetist at the hospital, told WFTS that she came up with the idea after noticing how many of the wrappers were being thrown away on a daily basis. By using them for sleeping bags, they not only help the environment, they help protect homeless people against the elements.

“I see all these sterile wrappers that we just throw away, so I thought, what a cool recycling initiative to help the homeless,” she explained. “The beauty about it is they conserve heat and they’re waterproof.”

While she lacked a sewing pattern, her fellow nurses Lucy and Claudia were experts at the craft and were happy to help out.

“We sat down together and figured it out,” Hubbard explained. “They all come in different sizes…some of the larger ones are over 6 foot long and so they can be rolled down for comfort, rolled up to cover shoulders.”

After RN Karley Wright sent out an email asking for help with the project, and it wasn’t long before the responses came pouring in.

“The response was overwhelming, and this is truly where one man’s trash becomes another man’s treasure,” Wright said. “This has just been far beyond our wildest imagination.”

Now, the nurses have more than 100 sleeping bags made from the sterile wrappers that will be given out to the homeless population across the city.

The project is just getting started, and the nurses involved plan to continue making the sleeping bags for as long as the sterile wrappers are available. It’s a wonderful way to give back to the local community and help those in need, so hats off to them!

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