Heroic Worker Pulls Man To Safety Seconds From Being Hit By Oncoming Train

A man walking near the platform edge in the San Francisco’ BART subway system fell onto the tracks on Sunday and was pulled to safety by a subway employee moments before a train barreled into the station.

The employee is named John O’Conner and to say he was in the right place at the right time is an understatement. The BART Twitter account released security video of just how close of a call it was and it literally came down to fractions of a second.

O’Connor’s lightning-fast reflexes undoubtedly saved the man’s life.

The SF BART lauded O’Connor as a hero and said he’s worked for the city as a Transportation Supervisor for over 20 years. The train station was crowded on Sunday after an Oakland Raiders game and O’Connor was luckily on duty to help with the crowd.

In a video apparently taken moments after the dramatic rescue, O’Connor and the man he saved can be seen embracing in front of the subway car while people applaud.

That video, recorded by Tony Badilla, went viral leading the San Francisco BART to look into the incident of heroism by one of their own. Badilla explained that O’Connor had been watchfully tending the crowd when the man fell and was therefore in a position to act.

O’Connor was widely praised for his life-saving heroics.

Of course this could have easily had a very different outcome and at least one person called for increased safety measures to prevent future tragedies when there isn’t someone like John within arm’s reach.

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