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Co-Workers Buy FedEx Worker A Car To Save Her Walking 12 Miles To Work

Darlene Quinn had been walking 12 miles home from work at a local FedEx facility for three months since her car broke down. The 60-year-old was spotted by her colleague Josh Lewis who, with her boss, got their fellow co-workers to band together and get Quinn a car.

Quinn had someone to take her to work in the mornings but had to walk home until Lewis and the boss began offering her a ride home. During those rides, Quinn opened up about how she couldn’t afford to fix her car and therefore was forced to walk.

“We told her who we were and that we also worked at FedEx,” Lewis said, according to MSN. “She must’ve felt safe enough to get in the car with us.”

Not long after, Lewis, with help from Quinn’s boss, launched a GoFundMe campaign to help Quinn get back to driving on October 22. Within a week, they’d raised enough money to help Quinn get a car, with contributions topping $7,000. They then arranged to get a car for Quinn at a local dealership and surprised her with it at work.

“It was amazing,” Lewis said of the surprise. “She just started bawling crying and saying how she can’t believe that this is happening to her.”

fedex worker car

Not only did Quinn get a car, but two local dealerships reached out offering her free oil changes and free tire service as needed, though they preferred for their gifts to remain anonymous.

Quinn was too overwhelmed to speak about the gift, but she did allow Lewis to speak on her behalf and thanked everyone who helped get her back in a car.

“I told her she’s just an inspiration,” Lewis said. “I know I don’t think I would walk 12 miles just to go to work or to come home from work on a daily basis.”

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