“We Can Change Their Lives”—Police Officer Builds School For 450 Homeless Children

A Rajasthan police officer built a school for homeless children, and now there are 450 students learning new skills, studying, and planning for the future. Dharamveer Jakhar started the school in January 2016 after seeing children begging near the police station during his duty hours.

“When I talked to these kids they told me they don’t have parents or any other relatives. Initially, I thought they must be lying but I went to their slums and learnt that they were telling the truth,” Jakhar said.

Screenshot via The New Indian Express

“I felt if I don’t help them they will waste their entire life begging and started teaching them for an hour every day.”

The kids are taken to and from school in a van. Their clothing, shoes, food, and study materials are provided free of cost. Volunteers who take lessons at the school, as well as two constables, assist Jakhar in everyday duties.

“All of this was not an overnight achievement. It took us 4 years to reach so far and now we have had more than 450 children study at the school,” added Jakhar.

Screenshot via The New Indian Express

“We got 200 students admitted to government schools […] We maintain constant communication with them so that they can continue their studies uninterrupted.”

In the beginning, says Jakhar, it was hard to make the children agree to come to school. But once he discovered the reasons the children were begging, it was clear that if he provided some basic needs for them, they would attend.

Screenshot via The New Indian Express

Jakhar believes that the government can help the homeless—and has a responsibility to them.

“These children should have special schools and separate staff to take care of them. They will never come to school on their own and there should be people dedicated to bringing them out of their miseries,” he explained.

“With the help of the police, society and education department, we can change their lives.”

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi