After Her Mom Died, This Woman’s 8 Friends Gave Her Keys To Their Houses So All Other Friends Are Canceled

The best gifts are those that show you’re cared for and supported. Honestly, who needs another pile of socks or beverage coasters (unless socks and beverage coasters are the kinds of gift that make you feel supported)?

18-year-old Olivia Mahone received a very special gift from eight of her friends—keys to their apartments and a note telling her she is always welcome.

Earlier this year, Olivia’s mother Jo passed away from uterine sarcoma cancer. So, in order to show Olivia that she can always turn to them no matter what, her friends gave her a gift box filled with keys to their doors in case Olivia feels lonely or just needs somewhere different to go.

“We know that things haven’t got any easier for you lately. We want you to know that we will always be here for you, any time day or night. Our doors are always open for you (hence the keys). You mean the world to us and we will always promise to try our hardest to make life that little bit easier for you. We love you always,” said the gift note.

Olivia Mahone/Twitter

The card was signed by Izzy, Emylia, Anna, Charlotte, Mia, Bella, Maya and Morgan. Inside the box was also a silver guardian angel pin.

Olivia Mahone/Twitter

After seeing the gift and the support she has from her friends, Olivia posted the pictures on Twitter and her post went viral.

“My friends all have hearts of gold and I would be lost without them. Tears rolling at this,” she wrote.

Now, with all of these keys, Olivia needs to make sure she keeps organized!

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi