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McDonald’s Customer Pays It Forward, And A Delicious McChain Of Eight Others Follow Her Lead

mcdonald's pay it forward

A woman paid it forward at a New Zealand McDonald’s drive-thru—and started a chain reaction of customers paying for other people’s orders.

Lizzie Treymane, the shift manager at the Rolleston McDonald’s, said the woman drove through at about 5pm on Tuesday and insisted on paying for the next customer’s meal.

“She said she wanted to pay for theirs too. It was a $50 order so that was pretty incredible,” said Treymane.

“We said that the customer before them had already paid for their food and they were shocked, so they wanted to pay for the order behind them too,” she added.

Instead of just zooming off with their free food, the next customer decided to continue paying it forward. And then the next customer followed suit. In total, eight cars in the drive-through paid for the next person’s meal.

“It’s not something that happens every day, so it was really good to see,” Treymane said.

A staff member said they had seen the same woman pay for other meals two or three times in the past month, but it had never started a chain reaction like this time. It just goes to show—keep trying and eventually someone will catch on.

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