Instead Of Fighting At The Table, These Two Sisters Raise Thousands To Give Thanksgiving Meals To Those In Need

Two ambitious sisters have been raising money for the past three years for North Carolina families in need during the Thanksgiving season—and this year is shaping up to be the most successful yet.

Alex Fischer, 9, and Caroline, 6, began raising money as a service project in 2017, their mom, Lisa Fischer, told CNN.

“When I initially suggested we donated one box of food, Alex said that wasn’t enough and that we should do ten boxes,” Fischer said.

When Fischer explained to her child how much a total Thanksgiving meal would cost, and that paying for ten meals was not possible without outside help, Alex and her sister sprung to action. Determined to get the ten boxes of food, the girls opened a lemonade and baked goods stand to raise money.

When folks caught wind of what the girls were trying to accomplish, they reached out and donated. The Fischer family even set up because strangers who heard the story wanted to help as well.

“The first year, we raised enough money for 100 boxes of food,” Fischer said.

Since the first year went beyond their expectations, the family decided to make raising money for Thanksgiving food packages a tradition.

Last year, the girls raised enough money for 13o boxes of food and 50 turkeys. This year, they have already raised $2,896, which would allow them to provide 108 boxes of food and 108 turkeys.

The family starts gathering funds at the end of September and then go to their local grocery store and purchase all the necessary food items. Then, they take the supplies to the Charlotte Rescue Mission, which is a nonprofit that provides services for people struggling with addiction.

“The girls are always excited when they see their friends, teachers and neighbors show up to their lemonade stand, but they are too young to understand how much attention they’re actually getting,” Fischer said. “They just know this means a lot of people will be able to have Thanksgiving dinner.”

“We are hoping to recruit some help from the neighbors to pack the boxes this year, rent out a truck, and deliver the food by Nov. 23,” Fischer explained.

It doesn’t matter how old you are if you are passionate about helping folks out. Because of these two children and the community that believes in them, people in need will have full stomachs on Thanksgiving.

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi