Family Who Lost Dog Goes To Adopt Cat, Gets Reunited With Lost Dog Probably Wondering About The Whole Cat Thing

A Jacksonville, Florida family was looking to adopt a new cat at their local PetSmart when they came face to face with their dog—who had gone missing that summer.

Recognizing the sound of his owner’s voice, the dog—whose name is Dopey— ran over to the family, “leapt into their arms” and started “covering them with kisses.”

The Jacksonville Humane Society/Facebook

Dopey did not seem insulted that his family was adopting a cat.

The runaway dog had been missing since August and came to the Jacksonville Humane Society as a stray dog on October 1.

“His family never lost hope and they are thrilled that their sweet pup is back home!” the rescue shared on their Facebook page. “Stories like Dopey’s, the many we tell and the many untold, are proof that generosity breeds joy in Jacksonville every day.”

🧡 November 9th is officially Generosity Breeds Joy Day in Jacksonville and this story is one for the books. 💚This sweet...

Posted by The Jacksonville Humane Society on Saturday, November 9, 2019

“From the strangers who helped Dopey when he was lost to the volunteers and staff who lovingly cared for him, from the donors who made his reunion possible to foundations like PetsSmart Charities for sponsoring the event that brought this family back together…generosity and joy are all around us,” they wrote.

Dopey wasn’t the only Jacksonville pet reunited with his family this month thanks to the Humane Society. They also shared that a cat brought in for their Feline Frenzy mass spay-and-neuter day was discovered to have a microchip. They called the owners who raced over to get their pet, who had been missing for a few months.

“We would’ve snapped a picture of her, but she was still a little loopy from the anesthesia,” the shelter said.

Fair enough!

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi