Bus Driver Saves Kids Caught Outside In Arctic Weather With No Coats

A bus driver in Waukesha, Wisconsin couldn’t believe her eyes on Monday morning when she saw two children walking along the road in minimal clothing during freezing temperatures.

Parts of the country are experiencing record low temperatures due to an Arctic air mass and yet the two young children, a boy and a girl, were wandering alone outside, barely dressed.

With a wind chill of just three degrees above zero, Nicole Chamberlain knew she had to act and pulled her bus over to usher the freezing kids on board. Once they were out of the cold she even took off her own coat to cover the little girl who was wearing a diaper without any pants.

Security footage from the bus captured Chamberlain’s act of vigilance and kindness.

FOX News 6

In an interview with FOX News Chamberlain said “No one had a coat on. The little girl had on a t-shirt and a diaper and the little boy had on a t-shirt and pants” and explained the gravity of the situation.

“It was snowing and it was windy and these are tiny little kids, they were two and six.”

FOX News 6

The two  young children had apparently wandered away from home during the bone-chilling temperatures and after making sure they were warm and safe Chamberlain reassured them, saying:

“It’s gonna be OK, I promise we will find your family.”

And thankfully that’s exactly what happened. After Chamberlain called the police the children’s family saw the commotion and they were reunited.

For her part Chamberlain says she’s thrilled that she was “in the right place at the right time” telling FOX News:

“They went back, they’re with a happy family, they’re safe, that’s what was the most important to me.”

FOX News 6

You can watch the security camera footage of Chamberlain’s warm-hearted actions below.


Written by Stefan

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