People Stop To Catch Dog Loose On Freeway Causing Adorable Traffic Jam

Once at a barbecue, one of my dogs escaped the backyard fence and ran into the woods. As it became clear she was not coming back, we had to think quickly. I grabbed a slab of raw chicken from the food preparation area and took off after her with about five friends trailing behind me. Eventually my dog got bored of the whole thing and stopped running (she did not care about the raw chicken at all).

Anyway, that’s kind of what happened to a man in Houston, Texas—except his dog was racing around a busy freeway.

According to KTRK, the runaway dog’s owner had been in an accident further down the freeway and the dog jumped from the vehicle and started running down Beltway 8. But instead of playing dodge-the-dog, about 20 drivers stopped their cars and all tried to get the dog to safety.

“So everybody was on the same page. It seemed like it was really like a team-oriented thing because everybody at the same time slowed down and put flashers on and the first thing everyone cared about was taking care of that dog,” witness Toby Tinelli said.

Video footage from the incident shows the dog darting in and out of traffic as drivers slowed down and put on their lights.

“We tried to call him and you see the video of me trying to get him over, and he didn’t have any interest. I’m sure he was terrified,” Tinelli explained.

Eventually, several people surrounded the dog and grabbed its leash until the owner arrived.

Screenshot via WMTV

“We brought some water out. My wife had water and a bowl, and we got the dog some water and cooled it down a little bit and it was a big relief,” said Tinelli.

The dog’s paws were a little cut up, but otherwise he was in good shape and happy to be reunited with his person. Hopefully he’s getting some rest, treats, and pampering after his big freeway adventure.

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi