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“We Owe You Some Milk” Write Australian Firefighters In Note To Man Whose House They Saved

In the midst of battling bushfires in Australia, some considerate firefighters took it upon themselves to leave a  note apologizing for drinking a man’s milk—after saving his home from being burned.

Paul Sefky returned to his home in New South Wales to find the note signed by the Urunga Rural Fire Service (RFS).

“It was a pleasure to save your house. Sorry that we could not save your sheds. Urunga RFS. P.S—we owe you some milk,” said the note.

Sekfy left his home as more than 60 fires are burning across New South Wales. When he returned, he found the note on his kitchen bench. He posted the note on his Facebook page, where it’s been shared thousands of times.

The best note on my kitchen bench since the morning after my wedding 😎🌈👍🏼👏👏💕

Posted by Paul Sekfy on Friday, November 8, 2019

“The best note on my kitchen bench since the morning after my wedding,” wrote Mr. Sefky.

The firefighters who saved Mr. Sefky’s house eventually found out about the viral post.

“I’m happy to know my note got to you in one piece…our crew of 4 did the best we could with what we had…” said Kale Hardie-Porter in a comment on Facebook. “We took refuge in your house, and that’s when we discovered the fridge.”

Though Mr Sekfy’s house was saved, he said that the house still remained in an uninhabitable state.

“We have no power, no poles, no water, all dirty and just too smoky for the next week.”

Authorities have warned residents of “extreme, severe and catastrophic” conditions in the region. They say fires will spread quickly and people in vulnerable communities have been urged to stay away from bushland and to leave their homes before the fires escalate.

Thanks to firefighters like Hardie-Porter, maybe the damage won’t be as bad.

“It was our pleasure to do a little good in such horrendous conditions,” he said.

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