High Note: Detroit Orchestra Giving A Free Musical Instrument To Any Child Who Wants One

Music is a friend for life and, while it can be learned at any age, skill at a musical instrument is best imparted young.

To that end the Detroit Symphony Orchestra has made a stirring announcement: The organization will give a free musical instrument to any child who wants to learn how to play. Musical instruments and lessons can be prohibitively expensive, but now cost won’t be a barrier for kids who want to express themselves through music.

The ambitious program, called Detroit Harmony, would be open to any K-12 student in the city regardless of whether they go to public, private, or charter school, according to Detroit News.

The DSO’s board chairman Mark Davidoff told Detroit News that while the program would present a challenge the DSO is fully committed to seeing it through, saying:

“It’s a big, bold idea that will require big, bold commitments. But we’re full throttle behind it, and think we’re onto something very, very important.”

While the program won’t be launched for over a year the first phase of funding has already been completed and plans are moving forward. Thanks to these efforts the next crop of musical geniuses may be coming straight out of Detroit.


Written by Stefan

Writer and middle school limbo champ.