Employee Of The Century: Bagel Shop Manager Drives 185 Miles To Return A Customer’s Car Keys

Did you ever forget where you put your keys? I do this on the regular. To be fair, sometimes it’s not my fault—my toddler usually likes to grab them and put them in my boots. But imagine that you’ve realized you’ve forgotten your keys—and you’re 185 miles away from them.

That’s when Vincent Proscia stepped in with a long-haul act of kindness.

The Long Island bagel shop manager received a call from Diana Chong, the woman who left her keys in the shop. As Chong raced to get the bagels to her husband, two children, and dog waiting in the running car, she left the car key fob in the shop. Then, the family drove off from Middle Island to Honesdale, Pennsylvania for a “Friendsgiving” party.

Gina Sulrzycki/Facebook

“You won’t see another story like this one,” Chong’s sister, Gina Sulrzycki wrote in a Facebook post on Saturday.

“My sister Diana goes to Bagels 101 in Middle Island most mornings before work. This morning before our trip to PA, she stopped into Bagels 101, car running with her husband and kids in it, and then proceeded to Honesdale PA, not realizing she left her car keys at the Bagel Store. Push button start cars are scary! Her minivan let her drive 185 miles WITHOUT THE KEYS! We called bagels 101 as soon as we got to Friendsgiving in PA and Vinny was going to overnight the keys, but no mail carrier delivers on Sundays and we all have work on Monday,” Gina wrote.

You won’t see another story like this one. Diana goes to Bagels 101 in Middle Island most mornings before work. This...

Posted by Gina Sulrzycki on Saturday, November 16, 2019

“No dealerships out here were able to make her a new key, nor are open tomorrow. They also wouldn’t give her a rental! BUT Vinny? He offered to drive 3.5 hours to PA TO BRING HER THE KEYS. These are the stories that DESERVE to make the newspapers, and the community pages. He is a godsend. If you go into Bagels 101 please tell Vinny Happy Thanksgiving!”

Proscia’s good deed took six hours because of heavy traffic, said Newsday. But the Ronkonkoma man never second-guessed his decision to make the trip.

“It’s just the right thing to do,” Proscia said. “If it happened to my wife, I would want someone else to do it for her.”

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi