Heroic High Schoolers Rush To Help Senior Hit By Out-Of-Control Car

Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them wear baseball caps. Our thanks to a reader for tipping us off about this story, which happened at a high school in Ontario this week.

It was Wednesday morning before class at North Hastings High School in Bancroft when an 11th grader named Anthony Lavalley noticed an elderly woman’s car roll backward and knock her to the ground outside the school.

Lavalley sprang into action, running between two busses to come to the senior’s aid and five of his classmates Riley Hunt, Hunter Shee, Dalton Haworth, Ty Beauclair and Noah Homestead quickly followed.

According to Lavalley’s later described the incident, saying:

“I saw the car just back into the ditch and it just bounces on them. I saw the old lady on the ground and I just ran over.  I ran in front of a bus to go grab her.  She was fine when I got to her.  She only got hit by the

Lavalley also explained that the senior had left the car in gear, causing it to roll.

“She forgot to put her car in park and left it in drive.  She was on a downhill so the door just kind of spun her around.”

Facebook / North Hastings High School

The boys were cited for their heroism on the school’s Facebook page which thanked them for helping “an elderly community member in distress” and pointing out that the incident, in which fortunately no one was hurt, occurred during Kindness Week.

The community was brimming with thanks for the selfless and quick-thinking students, leaving over 1,000 comments on the school’s Facebook page thanking them.

When the boys were helping the woman they realized that there was also an elderly man in the car who had thankfully managed to steer the rolling vehicle into a ditch instead of into traffic.

After making sure the woman was OK the boys pushed the car safely out of the ditch it had rolled into so the couple could be on their way.

It’s all in a days work for these upstanding young citizens, it seems.

According to

“All of the boys admitted they have never done anything like this before but would do it again in a heartbeat.”


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