Stray Pup Caught Sheltering A Litter Of Kittens In The Cold (Better Not Let His Dog Friends Find Out)

A stray dog named Serenity has become famous in the Chatham-Kent area of Ontario after being found following her maternal instinct and sheltering a litter of kittens on a cold night last week, CCTV News reports.

The Pet and Wildlife Rescue (P.A.W.) shelter shared a photo of Serenity and her charges on Facebook.

Serenity was found by an animal lover on the side of the road, curled around her adopted babies, and her circumstances were called into the organization who came and picked the whole family up.

Our stray sweetheart is keeping her “babies” safe at the shelter tonight!

Posted by Pet and Wildlife Rescue on Saturday, November 16, 2019 spoke with a shelter employee over the phone, who said that the kittens are estimated to be only about 6 weeks old, so they were only five weeks when Serenity took the under her paw. That’s long in the life of a kitten, and without her help, they likely would not have survived on their own. They’ve been placed with a foster family, who will take over where Serenity left off until they are old enough to be adopted on their own.

People who love this story have been begging P.A.W. to keep the pup and her kittens together on Facebook and adopt them out as a group.

But the organization has explained that Serenity will be waiting for months for the kittens to grow big enough for a forever home, so in a second post they wrote it is “always the staff’s goal to get dogs out of the shelter environment and into their forever homes as soon as possible.”

I have been getting A LOT of attention on social media, but let me fill you in just in case you don't know my name and...

Posted by Pet and Wildlife Rescue on Friday, November 22, 2019

And lots of people want to adopt Serenity!

Her parental instincts have pushed her to the front of the pack. As giving and wonderful as she naturally is, P.A.W. has been careful to warn potential adopters that she has some personality “quirks” that might not fit with every household. They’re guessing she’s about two years old, and still has the “energy of a toddler.”

That means she is “quite jumpy and need(s) to be taught some manners,” and they think she’d be best in a house without other dogs or small children. But if you have a cat? It might be the perfect match.

Alison Sullivan

Written by Alison Sullivan