Woman Spends Three Years Collecting Kind Stories And The Town Welcoming Her Home Gives Her One More

After spending three years collecting stories of kindness, one woman received the kindest of welcomes back home.

Mary Latham spent the last three years traveling around the United States learning about the goodness out there, all in honor of her late mother who died of cancer in 2016. On Saturday, Nov. 30, she returned to her home on the North Fork of Long Island, NY and was warmly welcomed. Friends, family, and supporters gathered at the Orient Point Causeway with celebratory shirts and signs to be there when Latham arrived in her Subaru, affectionately nicknamed Old Blue.

Mary Latham via Patch

Since beginning her trip on October 29, 2016, Latham has chronicled her journey through her MoreGOOD project.

She traveled to all 5o states to compile stories of human kindness, which she is now going to compile into a book she hopes to donate to hospital waiting rooms.

Latham told Patch, “What I’ve seen is a million broken hearts across a country that is desperate for kindness. Hearts that are trying incredibly hard to keep going after being shattered by tragedy or immense hardship. That is our country. Beautiful and very, very broken. And the only real way we are going to survive is by actively showing our goodness and our hearts as much as we possibly can.”

Latham was inspired to being the MoreGOOD project after she lost her mother, who had always been a force for good and saw the kindness in everyone.

Latham said, “Cancer took my mom away. And from that point on, I made a promise to myself: I’d only do things that make me happy. No matter how scary or how ridiculous they seemed. Because fear for me was losing her. And I managed to make my way through that time. There isn’t a second I don’t think of her, miss her, wish she was able to see all she has inspired me to do on this journey … but I realized something after she died. Fear didn’t have much meaning anymore.”

She’s now happy to share her experience with others through her book and to rejoin her community.

Latham said, “I began my journey crossing the Orient Causeway and boarding the ferry to my first state, Connecticut, three years ago. I figured since it was such a big moment for me to be crossing back over, I’d invite people in my community — a community who has supported and shown so much love for my mission— to be there with me.”

You can read more about Mary and her project here.

Sarah Halle Corey

Written by Sarah Halle Corey