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Elderly Veteran Saves Girl From Dog Attack By Going HAM With A Nutcracker

One war veteran just earned his hero status all over again. On Sunday, Dec. 1, his young neighbor frantically knocked on 88-year-old Leonard Miller’s door saying her dog had grabbed ahold of her sister and wouldn’t let her go. So, Leonard jumped to action.

Leonard saved his 10-year-old neighbor from a pit bull attack using a Christmas decoration from their lawn.

man saves girl from pit bull

via IndeOnline

Leonard grabbed the 3-foot nutcracker decoration from the neighbors’ lawn on his way to save the girl. “This dog had this little girl down just growling,” Miller said. “He had her arm and was shaking her like he would shake an animal or something. I hit the dog in the head three or four times, and it wouldn’t let loose.”

The Stark County, Ohio man served as a combat medic during the Korean War. All these years later, he still exercises regularly to stay in shape, and his instincts kicked in when his young neighbors needed his help.

Leonard hit the pit bull with the decoration a few more times on the back of the neck until finally, he let go of the girl.

The two girls then ran out of the house and Leonard locked the dog inside. He told the Today Show, “The medic said she might lose her arm and I was so worried, I couldn’t sleep that night. But the next day, I got word that she is going to be OK.

The dog has since been removed from the girls’ home, and both Leonard and the girl’s sister are being hailed as heroes. Leonard said, “She saved her sister’s life. If she had fainted over there or panicked, it would have been too bad.” Luckily, the two were there to save the day, along with an extra bit of Christmas cheer.

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