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Community Rallies To Put A Roof Over Homeless Couple’s Heads, And Hopefully A Chimney In Time For Christmas

An elderly New Orleans couple who were homeless now have a temporary roof over their heads, thanks to the community—and they hope to find their forever home in the city they love.

“We looked and looked for apartments, and we couldn’t afford it,” said 77-year-old Charmayne Carollo. “We just was homeless, on the street for six months. Sleeping on cement, hungry. It was hard.”

Carollo and her partner’s plight caught the public’s attention when local Seyli Molina posted a video of herself driving to the Burger King in Kenner, near New Orleans. She had heard there were two 77-year-olds who were homeless in that area, and wanted to help.

via NBC

“I just saw the gentleman. He’s literally on a walker,” Molina said in the video. She posted a message alerting the community to the situation on the local Kenner Facebook page, and generous folks quickly mobilized to help the couple.

“They immediately said, ‘What do you need? Do you need a hotel room?'” Molina said.

The city provided the couple with temporary housing while others donated food, clothes, and shoes. In the meantime, the couple is on the search for a more permanent living situation.


Screenshot via NBC

“To find affordable housing on an income that’s limited, that’s on disability, that’s wheelchair-accessible or handicap-accessible,” explained Molina.

Carollo is not deterred, though. She has faith that they will eventually find a place to call their own. In the meantime, she is grateful for the help of her community.

“These people have all made me very, very happy.”

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