Dog Shelter Gets A Visit From Santa And You Better Believe All These Pups Are On The Good List

Our animal friends deserve a visit from Santa Claus, too. And a shelter in Romania makes sure their furry residents are treated extra special around the holiday season with Christmas gifts and treats while they wait to find their forever homes.

Veterinary technician Alexandra Sava opened an animal shelter with her family in 2012. The shelter, called Sava’s Safe Haven, was built and runs on the support of donations. They rely completely on animal lovers to foot the bill for veterinary care, food, and other needs. They have over 250 dogs, cats, birds, and bunnies.

And every winter, they decorate the shelter and get the animals ready for a visit from Santa Claus.

“We do this because some of the shelter animals are here for over 6 years,” Sava told Good News Network. “Unfortunately due to various reasons their chances of adoption are low, and they deserve to feel the spirit of Christmas!”

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On Christmas day, Alexandra’s brother or father dresses up like Santa Claus for all the animals in the shelter and brings them a bag filled with gifts like toys, food, and treats donated from people all over the world.

Sava and her family also organize projects to help people in her community with their own animals, whether with veterinary care or food needs.

“We make our best to save animals and offer them a better life in our shelter until they find their home,” says Sava.

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi