Santa With A Truck: Man Gives Away $12K In Christmas Toys To Kids At Low-Income Housing Complex Where He Used To Live

There’s nothing like giving back once you’re able to, especially when it’s to the tune of $12,000 in Christmas presents for needy kids.

The act of incredible generosity took place last weekend at the Harris Gardens Apartments in Harrisonburg, Virginia all thanks to a former resident of the low-income apartment complex. That man is Adam Armstrong. He stopped by the complex recently and said he wanted to help give the kids who live there a Christmas to remember since he’d lived at the complex himself earlier in his life before succeeding in business.

When she heard this, Sarah Lewis-Weeks who manages the complex, couldn’t believe it at first, telling WDBJ7:

“This guy shows up in my office and says: ‘Hey I’d like to come by Saturday to give out some presents’ and I thought: ‘Is this legit?'”

Weeks told the Washington Post that she’s experienced people making generous offers before and then failing to come through, so she remained skeptical, saying:  “I’m checking this guy out and I’m like, ‘Yeah, okay buddy.’ I’ve done this for 27 years and I know people don’t always follow through.”

But Armstrong was true to his word, showing up to distribute the huge haul of new toys from the back of a moving truck while wearing a Santa hat.

In total Armstrong says he delivered a whopping 1,327 games, stuffed animals, and toys as well as 100 bicycles to the complex, a veritable sleigh’s worth.

Having spent time in the complex, which includes federally subsidized Section 8 housing, while he was struggling earlier in life he had told Lewis-Weeks that he wanted to give back after doing well for himself.

Armstrong told the Washington Post that the reactions from the complex’s kids made it well worth it, saying:

“The kids were so innocent and sweet. They’d say, ‘Thank you.’ Some would be shy or reluctant. You can’t put a price on looking at these kids’ happy faces.”


Written by Stefan

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