Anonymous “Coin Crusader” Drops Gold Coins Worth $1,500 In Salvation Army Pot, Hopefully On Purpose

The holiday season can bring out a spirit of generosity in people as they reflect on the things that really matter in a world that often moves too fast.

This impulse towards compassion often helps fund holiday donation drives like those long held by the Salvation Army outside shopping centers. But the Salvation Army near Indianapolis, Indiana has a special hero who has been dubbed the “Coin Crusader” for his or her holiday kindness.

For the past six years this person (or group) has been donating rare gold coins worth thousands of dollars each holiday season by slipping them anonymously into the Salvation Army’s signature red kettles.

This year was no exception. Four days ago volunteers discovered that a gold coin worth $1,500 had been donated and another rare and coin turned up today.

According to MSN, the mystery donor has followed the same method for the past six years, donating two gold coins each holiday season, and wrapping them up in dollar bills.

Salvation Army

The combined value of the coins is $3,000. At least one of the gold coins an Austrian coin minted in 1915 and was found by Salvation Army volunteer James Bond who said finding the coin was “really cool” adding: “I hear about that stuff in the news, but now it’s with me, so I feel like I’m part of this big thing that people really care about.”

Meanwhile, Sam Hyde, a spokesperson for the Salvation Army in Indiana said 2019 had been a difficult year for the organization and that the valuable coins would go a long way towards helping the organizations efforts which, in Indiana, includes operating homeless shelters, food pantries, and an addiction treatment center.

As Hyde told MSN:

“This year has been a tough year. It really has been,” Hyde said. “So something like this is a huge jolt to our fundraising efforts.”


Written by Stefan

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