Businessman Pays Power Bills So His Neighbors Won’t Lose Heat For The Holidays, And He Wasn’t Even Visited By Three Ghosts

Michael Esmond of Gulf Breeze, Florida knows what it’s like to spend the holidays worried about bills and with the heat shut off and he wanted to make sure others wouldn’t experience what he did.

So now that he’s in a position to do so, the Florida business owner and veteran decided to pay it forward, providing a warmer and happier holiday for 36 families by paying off their past due utility bills before their power was turned off at the worst possible time.

Esmond, who spent $4,600 of his own money on the generous gift, was moved to help his neighbors because he knows the pain of a cold Christmas, telling CNN:

“I actually lived that back in the 1980s. I experienced the same thing, having trouble paying bills. My gas was shut off, and we had no heating for the whole winter.”


So he found out who in his community was past due on their bills and took action in the spirit of the season.


Esmond, who owns Gulf Breeze Pools & Spas, informed the lucky families their past due bills had been taken care of by placing a heartwarming and Holiday-saving note in their mailboxes that read:

“It is our honor and privilege to inform you that your past due utility bill has been paid by Gulf Breeze Pools & Spas. You can rest easier this holiday season knowing you have one less bill to pay.”


Written by Stefan

Writer and middle school limbo champ.