Senior Who Spent 20 Christmases Alone Gets Surprised By Students With Carols And A Tree

The holidays are a time to celebrate our relationships with the people we love. And while that emphasis on togetherness is a good thing it can make people who don’t have anyone to celebrate with feel especially alone.

Instead of shrugging their shoulders at this hard truth a team at the BBC decided to do something about it, thereby making one elderly man’s holiday brighter than it had been in a very long time.

When the hosts of BBC Breakfast learned in an interview that a 78-year-old man named Terence had been alone during the holidays for the last 20 years, following the death of his mother, they turned out with a group of college students to serenade him with Christmas carols and even brought him a tree.

Terence was already set up to spend this Christmas with another retiree through a program he volunteers for but he was blown away by the strangers’ kindness and surprise visit.

Clearly overwhelmed, Terence is brought to tears by his young visitors, who, after setting up his tree with tinsel, surprise him again by singing him his favorite Christmas carol, “Silent Night.”

Loneliness is an emotion every human being can relate to and people were deeply moved by the video of Terence’s reaction. A holiday to remember, for everyone involved.



Written by Stefan

Writer and middle school limbo champ.