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4-Year-Old Girl Saves Mom’s Life While Managing Dogs And Younger Siblings, Totally Normal Heroics

No one ever expects small children to take control in an emergency, but this 4-year-old defied expectations and saved her mother’s life. When Isla Glaser’s mother, Haley, suddenly fell unconscious in their home, the young girl kept her cool. She dialed 911 on her mom’s cell phone and calmly answered all the dispatcher’s questions.

Help arrived, little Isla not only pulled a chair over to unlock the door to let first responders in to help her mom, she also managed to wrangle the family’s three 70+ pound dogs out of the way.

Let me tell you about this little girl. This is my daughter, Isla. She is four years old, and today she became my super…

Posted by Haley Glaser on Thursday, December 5, 2019

But Isla wasn’t the only one in the house during the incident.

Her younger siblings, a 2-year-old sister and twin 1-year-old brothers, were also at home when their mom collapsed. Isla knew they were scared, and calmed them down by feeding them breakfast and letting them know their mom was going to be okay.

Haley was taken to the hospital and treated for a bacterial infection, which may have proved fatal had Isla not been such a quick thinker.

For her bravery in taking control of the situation, Isla was honored by the Franklin Township Police Department.

Today we got to commend Isla for the great job she did calling 9-1-1 to get her mom help. It was amazing to see news…

Posted by Franklin Township Police Department – Somerset County on Wednesday, December 18, 2019

“I know adults that cannot handle this type of incident with that much bravery, poise, and distinction,” Lt. Phil Rizzo said during the ceremony.

Isla was made an honorary junior officer for her troubles, and received a certificate for bravery, a tour of the local police department, and a frisbee, presumably to play catch with those giant dogs of hers.

“I’m just amazed by this little girl,” Officer Mike Casey, who was first on the scene, said. “I mean, she is a true hero. We know in life that not all heroes wear capes and this little girl right here is one of those heroes.”

We’re sure Isla’s whole family, and especially her mom, can agree on that.

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