Age Ain’t Nothin But A Number: 92-Year-Old Finally Achieves His Boyhood Dream Of Skiing

Imagine living your whole entire life always wanting to do something — but never, ever getting the chance to do it? Now, imagine someone saying, “Get out there and go for it!” when you’re 92 years old? Pretty amazing, right?

That’s exactly what happened to Robert Trulocke of Witney, UK, who, at the age of 92, lived his ‘boyhood dream.’ Trulocke lives in an elderly home called Millers Grange, and on the eve of his 93rd birthday got out onto those slopes. It was a staff member at Millers Grange who encouraged him to get out there and do it.

And so Trulocke was able to do it all at Snozone in Milton Keynes, UK.

The staff helped him onto a chair lift and then pushed him around the indoor ski slopes, safely tucked into an accessible ski.

Trulocke said the experience was, “Absolutely fabulous; I’m thinking of what I can do for next year, now! …It made me feel alive again.”

via The Daily Mail

Millers Grange’s customer relations manager, Jim Macleod, said that an elderly care home isn’t the “end of a journey, but the start of a new one.” In fact, he said, nothing about moving there should change — except your postcode.

The staff at Millers Grange helped get Trulocke to the slope and worked with Snozone’s clearly-awesome staff to make sure Trulocke could experience his dream.

via The Daily Mail

Trulocke’s story reminds us that age isn’t a barrier to our dreams, and it also tells us that age doesn’t stop us from yearning for fun and fulfillment: “Age doesn’t have to hold you back from your dreams, and I hope I proved that today.”

via The Daily Mail

Trulocke went on to say, “I wanted to thank everyone who made it possible, particularly the team at Snozone and my friends at Millers Grange who arranged everything. I had a wonderful day that I will never forget.”


Written by Leigh MB