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This Charity Let Dogs Pick Their Own Christmas Gifts—And They Only Took 1 Each, Proving Dogs Are The Best People

Over in Ireland, the cutest ever Christmas season celebration is happening, guys. Thanks to Dogs Trust in Ireland, there are a bunch of cute Irish doggos opening presents from Santa (aka generous staff members and other donors) who provided tons (and tons!) of gifts to the Trust.

Dogs Trust Ireland is the country’s largest dog welfare charity. They focus on rescuing, rehabilitation & rehoming dogs to loving homes. As they say, “We never destroy a healthy dog.”

The Dogs Trust posted this adorable video of their puppers going totally wild for the donated gifts—and picking one for themselves:

The Trust is responsible for so much puppy-dog happiness in Ireland: They’ve given new homes to 2,025 dogs,  they’ve nurtured 119, 844 dogs, microchipped 7,354, and offered nearly 3,000 educational workshops about dogs. In short, they rock.

In the video, you see a bunch of dogs, big and small, unleashed into a huge room lined with dozens of toys.  It’s dog heaven! The dogs were literally able to pick out their own toys, and you can feel their happy overwhelm and excitement.

People went nuts for the puppy cuteness, some of them wanting to adopt pups in the video:

Seriously. Best Christmas gift ever. 

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