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Doctor MacGyvers A Catheter Out Of An Oxygen Mask To Save Man’s Life Mid-Flight

Doctor on plane

Macgyver would be impressed with these skills.

On a November flight from Guangzhou to New York, a man experienced severe pain in his prostate. Dr. Zhang Hong became concerned when he recognized the pain could be life-threatening, due to the man’s history with prostate enlargement.

Dr. Hong jumped in to help and put together a catheter with an oxygen mask and straw from the airplane. Dr. Hong used his creation to pull 800 milliliters (27 ounces) of urine out of the unidentified man’s bladder. It took 37 minutes for all the urine to be drained.

The passengers still had six hours left of the 13-hour flight. Without Dr. Hong’s help, the man could have faced life-threatening bladder complications if additional time had passed.

A passenger on the plane recorded the situation, which was then tweeted by The Paper, a Chinese digital publication.

When the hospital Dr. where Hong works heard about his quick-thinking heroism, they awarded him an honorary title.

Dr. Hong became an instant hero for going above and beyond to help.

One Twitter user pointed out how Dr. Hong kept his sense of humor during a stressful time.

Thank you, Dr. Hong, for saving lives and stealing our hearts.

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