Unlike Rose From “Titanic,” Leonardo DiCaprio Saves Man Treading Water In Open Ocean

A man fell off a Club Med cruise ship in Caribbean waters on December 30th and ended up treading water for 11 hours, according to USA Today. Not only did he miraculously survive, his survival was also entirely dependent on the aid of actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

A source confirmed that DiCaprio was vacationing near St. Barts with friend on his private yacht, when they received the distress call. As the only boat in the vicinity, the party crew turned into search and rescue, going above and beyond in waters that were becoming increasingly dangerous with approaching inclement weather.

Barstool Sports reports that a source told London’s The Sun newspaper that the whole scene was extremely dramatic, and DiCaprio was basically living out the script of an action hero in real life for once.

“Leonardo played a blinding role in his own real-life Hollywood movie,” the source explained. “He saved the life of a man overboard who incredibly had survived by treading water for 11 hours. Leonardo’s boat was the only vessel looking for him.”

The man was found and rescued with only an hour of daylight left, adding even more urgency to a dangerous situation. A major rainstorm was on the horizon, imperiling the group on the look out. Once the man was brought on board, he was given food and water, then handed over to the coastguard for medical attention. After that many hours at see and in Leonardo DiCaprio’s company, he definitely needed some special care.

DiCaprio isn’t satisfied with helping one drowning man at a time. CBS News reports that his environmental organization Earth Alliance has just announced that they’ll be donating $3 million to help with wildfire relief efforts in Australia. They’re partnering with local organizations Aussie Ark, Bush Heritage, and Wires Wildlife Rescue to help combat the unprecedented bush fires that have been destroying wildlife and have left over two dozen people dead.

Earth Alliance announced the creation of the Australia Wildfire Fund to serve the desperate need in the country for both fighting the fires and for recovery in the months and years to come. One man can be the beginning of a world of good.

Alison Sullivan

Written by Alison Sullivan