Dad Who Returned $5,000 Found In Used Furniture Left Only With The Soaring High Of Doing The Right Thing

A New Zealand man who discovered $5000 in a chest of drawers purchased off Trade Me returned to the money as a lesson to his kids—and folks are praising his ethical compass and his parenting.

Looking for some cheap furniture to decorate his and his kids’ new house, teacher Kev Derecourt picked up the chest for $60.

“I got home and unloaded it and it had liners in the drawers. I said ‘oh, it hasn’t been cleaned out’,” Derecourt told Newshub. “Then I saw a bag under there and pulled it out.”

To Derecourt’s surprise, the bag was filled with money.

“Later, I counted it all out in $100 notes. I got up to 20 and still had a bigger pile uncounted,” he said. “I thought what the hell am I going to do?”

Derecourt had a dilemma. He could keep the money and pretend it wasn’t in the furniture or he could return the money. It wasn’t easy to make the right choice, but eventually Derecourt said he knew he had to get the money back to its owner.

The next morning, he called the owner, who was shocked.

“He couldn’t believe anyone would actually return it,” Derecourt said. “He began telling me about how his wife had been really sick and died of cancer and it was really emotional.”

Derecourt said that he was hoping to impress a lesson on his children.

“It felt good to do the right thing, I used this as a model of how to be a nice person to my seven and nine-year-old daughters.”

The man who left the cash in the drawer had put it there for a rainy day but then forgot about it. He said he was grateful Derecourt returned the money.

“I’m very, very grateful.”Absolutely there are some good people out there…he deserves recognition for the act he did.”

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi