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“Police Didn’t Kid Around”—Stolen Therapy Goat Returned To Depressed Cow Friend


Can we all agree that goats are the greatest? Lively, inquisitive, mischevious, able to climb basically anything? And their little head butts! It’s no wonder that a pet goat gone missing would cause distress—but in the case of therapy goat Peaches, the most affected was a depressed cow named Bunter.

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Posted by Northland Police on Thursday, January 9, 2020

Happily, Peaches has returned back to the hotel she calls home, and Bunter is no longer morose—showing us all how important animal relationships are and the power of animals as therapy.

The story all started when Bunter was left alone after the death of fellow cow Rosie. In an effort to lift Bunter’s spirits, Maungaturoto Hotel caretaker, Joe Robin, said they introduced Bunter to Peaches.

“After Rosie passed away, Bunter got really depressed and we heard that goats were good therapy, and there was a lady who was willing to gift Peaches to us,” said Robin.


Maungaturoto-Heart of the Community

“As soon as Peaches arrived in the paddock, Bunter was a different cow, running around everywhere.”

Unfortunately, soon after she arrived, Peaches was stolen from the property,

In good news, however, Peaches was shortly spotted among a group of other goats on a local property after her disappearance.

“One, in particular, was alone and was a lot whiter than the rest,” said Robin. “We watch a lot of CI (Crime + Investigation), so we did our own investigating.”

After local police looked into the matter, Peaches was returned to the hotel—and her cow friend, who was thrilled to have her back.

The police released a statement about the incident loaded with corny puns, so that’s fun: “Police didn’t kid around and goat hold of CCTV footage and spoke with a number of people.”

“Bunter the cow, upset at the intrusion, is also understood to hold no beef.”

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