Kid With Dyslexia Uses “Superpower” To Make Rubik’s Cube Art Of John Cena And Now You Can See Him

I believe you can make art out of almost any medium. But even I was was surprised to see what a young Canadian boy with dyslexia created using only Rubik’s cubes—a portrait of WWE wrestler and actor John Cena.

This story could be about contemporary art and the brilliant juxtaposition of the material with the subject matter. But it’s not. It’s about celebrating our differences and proving that anything is possible. But honestly, are any galleries interested in this?


Benjamin Russo’s dyslexia has always made it challenging for him to read and write. However, he has a skill for memorizing and copying patterns at an accelerated speed. His mother Melanie Russo says that Benjamin’s heightened sense of spatial awareness helps him solve Rubik’s cubes easily. He can actually finish just one side of a Rubik’s cube in about one second.

In order to demonstrate his talent, Benjamin made a video showing how he designed a large-scale portrait of Cena out of 750 Rubik’s cubes.

It took him five hours of work over three weeks to finish the whole thing.

In the video, which includes Benjamin showing the viewer printed notecards explaining how it feels to struggle with dyslexia, Benjamin makes an important point: “Dyslexia is not my disability. Dyslexia is my SUPERPOWER.”

We can’t to see who gets the Rubik’s Cube treatment from Benjamin next!

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi