Hero Stray Dog Helps Kids Cross The Street, Blocks Cars, Is Very Good At This Job

In news that no one is surprised about, dogs continue to prove that they are superior creatures and we are completely and utterly unworthy of them.

In Batumi, Georgia, a stray neighborhood dog (someone get this dog a home ASAP) named Kursha basically took on the role of assistant crossing guard and made sure a group of kindergartners were able to cross the street safely.

The kindergartners were trying to cross the street with their chaperone, but several a**holes in cars ignored the fact that tiny humans were attempting to walk to the other side and kept on driving through the crosswalk.

Kursha was not having it. He basically got into the street and just started barking, making sure that cars stopped and the kids were able to continue their journey.

A pedestrian named Beqa Tsinadza filmed the incident, making Kursha a sensation. Look at how good he is! He really takes this task seriously. Can someone give him a job? And a home? Or multiple homes he could just stop by for a hot meal, bone, and comfy bed? He seems like a free-roaming boy who wants to be in on all the goings-on in his neighborhood, making sure things run smoothly.

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi