When Life Gives You Volcanos, Make Volcanic Ash Bricks To Rebuild Your City

In Binan, Philippines, residents are employing an innovative solution to repairing parts of their city damaged by a recent volcanic eruption—they are using the volcanic ash to make bricks.

On January 12th, the Taal volcano erupted on the island of Luzon. After the eruption, the major of Binan asked residents to collect the grey ash and put it in sacks to be sent to a state-owned factory.

“Instead of just piling up the ashfall somewhere, we are able to turn it into something useful. And it includes plastics, too,” said city environmental officer Rodelio Lee.

“What we plan is to turn them into hollow blocks and bricks and sell them to interested companies,” city Mayor Walfredo Dimaguila said to Reuters.

Tens of thousands of bricks were created with the volcanic ash, cement, and discarded plastic. So aside from being used to repair buildings, making the bricks also reduced amounts of plastic in the city’s landfills. Mayor Dimaguila also explained that proceeds would be donated to folks affected by the volcanic eruption.

Who would have thought that a natural disaster could lead to an opportunity to clean up landfills, recycle, and raise money for the community?

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi