Amazing Ink: Doctor Hand Paints Cartoon Dressings For His Child Patients

Dr. Robert Parry is the director of pediatric surgery at Akron Children’s Hospital in Akron, Ohio. He’s also a pretty incredible artist who has been putting his skill towards helping kids adjust to major surgery with a very thoughtful touch.

Dr. Parry discovers what a child patient’s favorite cartoon is, and paints a beloved character on the bandage that will cover their healing wounds.


A Facebook post about Dr. Parry’s skills and consideration has gone viral, showing him hard at work on a new piece of art for one of his kids. The caption reads:

“Although the pen may not be mightier than the scalpel, pediatric surgeon Dr. Robert Parry always takes a moment to make sure a scar isn’t the only lasting memory of a child’s surgical procedure. He surprises them with a hand-drawn dressing featuring a character or something that personally interests them.”

And it shows a couple of his drawings, which are incredible, especially considering the material. Here’s Eeyore:


And Olaf from Frozen:


The hospital also released a video about Dr. Parry’s work, featuring some more of his drawings and the pleased reactions of kids seeing a drawing of Batman or the Flash’s symbol on their body:

People discovering Dr. Parry for the first time are completely charmed by his artistic bedside manner, and a few have remembered times as kids when a health practitioner went above and beyond for them in the comments. Melissa Dickerson Allen wrote, “Cook’s Children’s Dallas when I was young, a nurse braided my hair while I was in surgery. Crazy to wake up to, but I looked great!”

Sherri Cain wrote about her son’s experience of going through multiple eye operations, saying, “Back when he first started having surgeries, he would take one or another of his 2 fave stuffed animals with him. His team always patched & bandaged the same eye on the stuffed animal as Nick was having surgery on & it made his day to wake up to that & gave him something to smile about.”

Several former patients of Dr. Parry shared pics of their own kids with his drawings, like Samantha Buzzacco Manning, who said, “He gave our Rose a rose garden after her surgery. 🌹 It was such a touching gesture during a difficult time.”


Small gestures can make a world of difference during difficult times, and Dr. Parry wants to help his patient’s heal in every possible way.

Written by Alison Sullivan