Man Buys Pricey Stolen Bike So He Can Find Original Owner, Gets Rewarded With Love From Twitter

When 26-year-old Ste Burke of Liverpool was approached by three men asking if he wanted to buy a bike, he was suspicious. For one, the bike still had a lock attached to the back wheel (smacks forehead). Also, they were selling the $1,750 bike for far below its market price.

Instead of telling the obvious thieves to get lost, Burke did something remarkable—he bought the stolen bike. Then he went on a quest to find the original owner.

Burke posted a picture of the bike on social media in hopes of getting some attention from the person it was stolen from. He figured if it was stolen, it was probably from somewhere nearby.

“Has anyone had their bike stolen? Just bought this for £80 and it’s got a bike lock on it. Apparently it’s from the Crosby area. Bought it so I can get it to back to the right owner,” wrote Burke on Twitter. “I know it’s a £1350 bike and I’d be heartbroken if it was me. Give us a shout.”

Burke received a message within hours. A woman who knew the bike’s owner told Burke the owner’s house had been robbed earlier that week.

The man was so overwhelmed with gratitude he offered to give Burke the money he paid for the stolen bike, but Burke refused. He told reporters it “didn’t feel right taking money off a man who has just had his house burgled.”

For his good deed, Burke received lots of love on Twitter and a special shoutout from his favorite rapper Stormzy. British bike retailer Halfords has also offered to give Burke a free bike as a reward.

But seriously, go check out the love on Burke’s Twitter because folks across the pond have a million excellent ways to say “good job, dude” and it’s really the tops.

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi