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Seth MacFarlane, Friend Of Koalas, Donates $1M To Irwin Family Wildlife Hospital

Celebrities from all over the world have been stepping up to donate time and money to help Australia combat and recover from the devastating bushfires that are still raging. The latest celebrity, Seth MacFarlane, has donated one million dollars to the Crocodile Hunter Family Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. The money will be directly used to build a new Koala Intensive Care Ward, which will help displaced and injured koalas.

On Kangaroo Island alone, tens of thousands of koalas are feared dead or homeless. Koalas, who are slow-moving and dependent on specific food sources, are along the animals most affected by the fires. Now, many of them will be able to get proper treatment and care thanks to MacFarland.

The Zoo’s Wildlife Warriors account shared the news on Twitter along with a picture of the new ward’s design. “A huge thanks to Seth MacFarlane for donating a million dollars to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital to help with the influx of patients affected by drought and bushfire! We’re so pleased to announce that we will be naming our new Koala Intensive Care Ward in recognition of Seth’s generosity. Plans for the Perry MacFarlane Intensive Care Ward are well underway and we’ll soon begin construction on this crucial expansion to the hospital.”

Bindi Irwin also thanked MacFarlane for the donation with a post on Twitter of her own. “On behalf of all wildlife, thank you so much for your support Seth MacFarlane. You are an extraordinary Wildlife Warrior.”

Bindi, who is the late “Crocodile Hunter” Steven’s daughter, became the face of the Irwin family’s conservationist organization in 2006 after her father’s death. Steve and his wife Terri established the organization in 2002. She has been a strong force in rescue and rehabilitation efforts as well as a tireless advocate for wildlife.

It’s difficult for the Australia Zoo and other facilities to keep up with the rescue and care of animals affected by the fires. With limited space and resources, donations like MacFarlane’s as well as Chris Hemsworth’s, Pink’s, Elton John’s, and Celeste Barber’s have made a huge difference and are helping to save lives.

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