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Teen Rebels Against Status Quo By Apologizing, Baking Cookies For Old Woman Whose Mailbox He Hit

A Lincoln, Nebraska teen is being hailed for his honesty after immediately fessing up to accidental property damage and going the extra mile to set things right.

Sixteen-year-old Owen Sullivan was driving his truck in icy conditions when the vehicle slid, causing him to damage a nearby mailbox. Instead of continuing on his way the young man instead immediately got out of his truck and rang the doorbell of the homeowner to confess to the accident and offer to pay for the damage.

The mailbox belonged to a woman named Crystal Collins who wasn’t upset about the damage but was, instead, impressed by the young man’s responsible attitude.

According to Collins, in a Facebook post that went viral, “He offered me every dollar in his pocket and was extremely grateful when I told him to keep his money.” Commenters were full of praise for the young man, calling him a credit to his generation and saying he must have been raised right.

Nevertheless, Sullivan said that, even after apologizing and offering Collins money, he still felt bad about damaging her mailbox.

So, after mulling it over, he and a friend baked homemade cookies and he brought them over to Collins’ house three days later. For Collins that settled the matter, and apparently not knowing Sullivans’ full name, she posted a security photo of the young man and asked if anyone knew who he was, saying:

“I’m looking for his parents–they should know what an outstanding young man they have raised!”

The two families have since connected and a local news channel did a segment on the “happy accident” as it were that coincidentally brought two kind people together.

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