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Nine-Year-Old Saves Cousin Choking On Lifesaver By Performing Lifesaving Heimlich

You know those posters in restaurants that show how to aid a choking person? Maybe give them a second look. Because one nine-year-old paid attention to his lunchroom poster on performing the Heimlich maneuver, he saved his three-year-old cousin’s life.

Timothy Prather and his cousin Conner Harmon were spending time with their grandparents at the Cody Nance bull riding invitational in Jackson when Conner began crying, stomping his feet, and grabbing his neck. It turns out he was choking on a lifesaver.

Their grandfather began patting Conner’s back as their grandmother held him upside down in a failed attempt to force the candy out.

Then Timothy took over. He began to do the Heimlich until Connor coughed up the lifesaver.

“I remembered the poster,” Timothy said of the Heimlich instructional in his school cafeteria. “A lot of kids look at the sign.”



Because of the poster, he was able to observe the signs of Conner choking and then perform the Heimlich. Timothy said other kids should know what to do in an emergency situation as well.

When Timothy’s parents Stephen and Emily found out about the incident, they were emotional.

“For him to be as shy as he is, he knew what needed to be done to help the situation,” Stephen said. “I was scared for him (Conner) but I was proud of him (Timothy). For him to jump and just decide to do something like that is a big deal for him.”

Stephen also said parents should teach their children signs of choking and how to do CPR or the Heimlich.

Timothy added that he’s been getting lots of attention since saving his cousin from choking.

“Everyone, here, they call me a hero,” he said.

When asked who his heroes are, Timothy said wrestlers—and wrestling is one of the things that Timothy and Connor love to do together.

“I love him,” Conner said of his cousin—and despite almost choking on them, the grateful kid still loves lifesavers as well.

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