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Orangutan Caught On Camera Offering To Pull Fellow Primate From Snake-Filled Water

While on safari on the Indonesian island of Borneo last month, amateur photographer Anil Prabhakar captured a truly remarkable moment that shows us the close connection we have to our orangutan friends. As one of the conservancy guides waded through the muddy—and snake-infested—waters, an orangutan reached out to offer a helping hand.

The forest where the encounter occurred is maintained by the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, which is a sanctuary for these critically endangered apes. The apes face threats of poaching, habitat loss, injury, and snakes. The snakes, which are venomous, are the orangutan’s only real predator in this forest.

When the conservancy guard cleared away the snakes for Prabhakar and his fellow safari-goers, it was likely that the orangutan knew the threat of approaching that area. Though the guard ended up leading Prabhaker and his friends away from the ape because of the wild animal’s unpredictability, it was like this orangutan was saying “May I help you,” Prabhaker told CNN.

“I just grabbed that moment,” he added. “It was really emotional.”

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi