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One Man’s Trash Is The Same Man’s Treasure—Guy Recovers $100,000 Lotto Ticket From Garbage

Sometimes, I wonder why people buy lotto tickets. It seems so unlikely they’ll win, but yet here they are—sitting next to me on the bus, scratching frantically, then muttering at the bad outcome. Sometimes, they throw the ticket on the ground in frustration.

Well, a South Carolina man who threw his lotto ticket in the trash almost lost out big. See, he had actually won the $100,000 prize—but checked the results for the day before and thought he lost.

The incident happened when the unnamed man bought a Palmetto Cash 5 ticket from a BP gas station in Newberry, South Carolina.

“I checked the results for the day before,” the man told the South Carolina Education Lottery.

His Palmetto Cash 5 ticket had actually matched all five numbers drawn on January 24, and he only realized it when double-checked the results.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he said.

Luckily, the man was able to retrieve the ticket. I hope he didn’t have to dig through too much garbage.

The winner said that he plans to give the money to charity and set up a college fund for his grandkids—which is an excellent way to spend the cash.

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