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Over 30,000 Pounds Of Super Bowl Leftovers Donated To Shelters—Should Free Up A Ton Of Fridge Space

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events—but it’s also one of the biggest wastes of food. Not this year, though. Instead of just throwing out all of the food remaining, Food Rescue US, Centerplate Hospitality, the NFL Green Initiative, and tons of volunteers collected and distributed more than 30,000 pounds of food to local Miami shelters.

Volunteers gathered at Hard Rock Stadium the morning after the Super Bowl and began to collect, pack, and ship food that remained from concession stands, VIP catered sections, suites and other areas. ESPN said that barbecue chicken, ribs, beef tenderloin, and charcuteries plates were just some of the food that was saved.

“It’s a full volunteer job. We just want to help people in need,” said Ellen Bowen, the director of Food Rescue US-Miami. “It’s amazing to see how much food there is that otherwise would have been thrown in the trash that can now feed so many people.”

Bowen added that enough food was gathered to feed around 20,000 people. The food was donated to the Broward Outreach Center, Broward Partnership for the Homeless, Camillus House, Lotus House Shelter and the Miami Rescue Mission.

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