Parents With Newborn Get Surprise Baby Shower From Strangers On Flight, Showing The Skies Really Are Friendly

When Dustin Moore and his wife Caren brought their newly adopted baby daughter on an airplane to go to her home, they had all the anxieties traveling parents have: would the baby scream and annoy everyone? Puke up? Need constant diaper changes? He did what many parents on airplanes with babies do—apologize constantly to fellow passengers. The response he received totally bolstered his faith in humanity, and he shared the story in a now-viral tweet.

Moore told CBS News he and his wife picked their newborn daughter up in Colorado, where she was born. She was only eight days old when they boarded the flight home to California.

Moore wrote that during the flight, his daughter woke up and needed a diaper change. He asked for help finding a place to change her, and a flight attendant named Jenny prepared a space in the back of the plane for them. A few minutes later another attendant named Bobby asked about the infant and congratulated the couple.

Then, the new parents received a surprise: an announcement over the loudspeaker congratulating them! But it didn’t end there. Bobby explained that he and the crew would pass out pens and napkins to everyone so that they could share advice and encouragement to the family.

Some of the advice? “Rub each other’s feet, and rub the baby’s feet,” “always tell her you love her,” and “drink lots of wine!” Sounds solid!

To make things even more special, the Moores received a set of pilot wings for their baby girl.

The Moores eventually found out that Jenny and Bobby were actually a couple.

“We learned they were married, and that someone had done a similar act for them on their honeymoon flight,” Moore said—Jenny wanted to pay it forward.

Moore further shared that the “outpouring of love from that flight” helped boost their confidence as new parents who had been trying a long time to have a child.

“The outpouring of love from that flight, brought on by the actions of two thoughtfully observant flight attendants… it exceeds my ability to describe what it meant to us,” Moore wrote. “How much those wings and written notes uplifted two new parents determined to love their new daughter.”

Moore finished his Twitter thread by reminding his followers to “take time to share what is good…seek good, or create it.”

I don’t know about you, but it sounds like they’re going to be great parents.

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi