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Little Girl’s Wholesome Target Birthday Party Proves You Really Can Get Anything There

Target is a pretty fun place for adults, but did you know that kids love it as well? Running through the aisles, pulling stuff down, hanging out in the toy section, getting Slurpees. Some kids love Target so much, they want to have their birthday parties there—and even though Target does not do birthday parties, in one special case they made an exception.


Twitter user Rikki Jackson posted a bunch of pictures and videos of her eight-year-old niece Brayden’s Target Birthday Party, and the responses are hilarious and heartwarming. Honestly, they all look like they are having a phenomenal time. Let’s wait twenty-four years until they’re frantically running into Target looking for a new breast pump at an ungodly hour because theirs broke!

“Brayden is obsessed with Target,” said Jackson. “She will literally just ask to go walk up and down the aisles. She loves it and will spend hours in Target.”

Here’s how the party went:

“We got all the kids uniforms & walkies and the manager made them name tags! They did a scavenger hunt where they had to find stuff throughout the store and then put it back afterwards since that’s what employees do.”

Then, they brought all the kids gift cards to spend on an item of their choice and the birthday girl got to check them out wearing a very special sparkly red jacket.

The poster effusively thanked Target Manager Albert for making her niece’s birthday so special. This guy helped pull off a successful party for eight-year-olds, so he’s pretty much a wizard and deserves all the praise.

“They were basically like Target team members, which was pretty cool,” said Alberto Sanchez, executive team leader of human resources at the Atlanta Target where the party took place. “They were great. It was cool. It was as loud as the little 8-year-old girls can be. It was joyful loud.”

Target spokesperson Jacqueline DeBuse told CNN that the company is “all about bringing moments of joy to our guests every day.”

“We’re thrilled when our team goes above and beyond to create extra excitement and happiness for even our littlest guests.”

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi