NASCAR Driver Ryan Newman Likely Survived Fiery Crash Thanks To Safety Bar He Pushed For

Good news for racing fans (and humans in general): NASCAR racer Ryan Newman is back on his feet and recovering well just two days after a dramatic crash.

Newman was racing in the Daytona 500 on Monday when he was involved in a grisly-looking crash but, according to, the racer came away from the wreck with “non life-threatening injuries” and by Wednesday was joking around with his family and hospital staff.

He even posed for a picture with his kids.

The news comes as a great relief as initially the fiery crash didn’t look good at all.

Newman was leading the pack when his car flipped over and burst into flames before skidding to a stop.


People are crediting the design of the car Newman was driving for saving his life.

Apparently Newman himself had advocated for a stronger protective cage inside NASCAR vehicles and the additional protective bar that was subsequently added, dubbed the “Newman bar” may have been what saved him from a serious injury or worse.

According to an update from Newman was released from the hospital today.

Keep your eyes on the road, folks.


Written by Stefan

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