Doctor Surprises Patients By Ponying Up $4,000 To Cover Their Copays

Dr. Don Rice, who practices medicine at the Urgent Care Clinic of Lincoln, Nebraska, decided to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day by covering his patients’ bills. The generous doctor says he spent $4,000 on his patients’ co-pays.

Obviously, it would be ideal that everyone can afford quality healthcare in America, but until that day happens, people like Dr. Rice are doing their part to help.


This past Monday, Dr. Rice saw 80 patients at the Urgent Care. Instead of handing them a bill, Dr. Rice gave them small cards that explained his reason for the free visit along with the hashtag #KindnessIsContagious.

Dr. Rice was inspired by the recent death of a family friend who was suffering from two different types of cancer.

“Even though she had two types of cancer, was always giving to other people, so we thought it would be fun to do this in her honor,” said Dr. Rice in an interview. “I think that we have a culture that sometimes forgets that we can have a much better world if we start being kinder to each other.”


Dr. Rice’s patients were pleasantly surprised.

“That is huge, it is a huge deal. You come in and you’re not feeling well, and it is a struggle sometimes,” said Heather Critchfield-Smith.

“It’s just a nice surprise because nobody likes being sick so it was a nice little feeling to feel like someone cares,” said Marsha Artz. “It’s just nice to know that some people have that genuine kindness and that they care about people.”

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi