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Senior Pup Carried Off By Hawk Found In Surprisingly Good Condition

Hawks are magnificent creatures. They are also hunters. And in a wild scenario that thankfully had a happy ending, a hawk swooped down and grasped up a 16-year-old blind and deaf toy poodle.

The dog, named Porschia, was sitting on her porch in Whitehall, Pennsylvania when the hawk took her. Porschia’s person Deborah Falcione searched the surrounding area for hours, but wasn’t able to find her dog.

That’s when the local veterinary clinic called Porschia and said they had the dog in their care.

“I said, ‘That’s impossible.” She could not have survived 28 hours in the bitter cold weather, in 10-degree weather,” Falcione told reporters in the interview below. “This is a 6-and-a-half-pound dog. She’s blind, she’s deaf, she’s 16 years old. I went down there, and sure enough, this is the dog.”



A neighbor found Porschia nearby Falcione’s house after the hawk apparently dropped her and took her to the clinic. At the vet’s office, Porschia was warmed up in a heating tank and seemed to be none the worse for wear despite nearly becoming hawk food.

“How she got away, I have no idea,” said Falcione. “How she survived it, I will never know. But I know one thing: By the grace of God, this dog is still alive.”

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