Straight-A Student Gives Up Bonus Points To Failing Student, Because The Kids Are Alright

I went to a high school where students were vicious about grades. We were all high-achieving, neurotic girls, and the environment was toxic. So to hear a story in which an 11th grader willingly requested to give up some bonus points on a test to the student who had the lowest score? Makes me think that the kids are all right after all.

Winston Lee, a history teacher at Letcher County Central High School in Whitesburg, Kentucky, shared the act of kindness on Facebook along with a picture of the request.

Have to shout this out. Had honestly never seen this...One of my guys, a straight A+ guy, offers up his 5 bonus points...

Posted by Winston Lee on Friday, February 21, 2020

One of my guys, a straight A+ guy, offers up his 5 bonus points to someone in need. Anyone. Totally offering up what is rightfully his, his earning, to any peer that may have been struggling especially hard the day of the test,” Lee wrote.

“He didn’t care if he considered them a friend, didn’t care if they were cool, didn’t matter to him what situation had caused them to score lower, he just wanted to help, be kind, commit a loving act. This note gave me so much hope. Let us all be a little more like this young man!!” 

Lee told Good Morning American more about the student, explaining that it was the first time in 12 years of teaching that he had ever received a request like that.

“I was pleasantly surprised. He is the type of kid that would often show compassion in the classroom,” Lee said.

The student, who remains unnamed, could have increased his score to 99 if he’d kept the bonus points, which were awarded to students who participated in an exam review game the day before the test.

“Most honor students cling to every point possible,” Lee said.

Lee decided to honor his student’s request and give the five points to another student, which lifted her to a passing grade. He hopes that student will continue to pay it forward.

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi