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84-Year-Old Woman Nails 93-Foot Putt To Win New Car

84-year-old Mary Ann Wakfield went to watch some basketball at the University of Mississippi in Oxford—and ended up sinking a putt from across the court. What makes that even better? She won a new car.

Ole Miss Athletics tweeted footage of the shot on their Twitter, and it quickly went viral as folks marveled at the senior citizen’s skills (and luck).

She looks absolutely chill as she takes the shot. We underestimate our seniors’ capacity for cool under pressure.

The “Putt for a Car” event was sponsored by Cannon Motors. Mary Ann made the shot from 93 feet, winning a 2020 Nissan Altima from a local dealership.

Ole Miss Athletics/Twitter

When Mary Ann realized she landed the putt, she started grinning and waving at the crowd. Tony the Landshark, mascot of the Ole Miss Rebels, gave her a huge hug.

Ole Miss Athletics Director congratulated Mary Ann on her victory.

Enjoy the sweet taste of victory, Mary Ann—and your new car!

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi